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Workout for Women: 3 Simple Moves to Tone and Strengthen Your Upper Body

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Personal Training Near Me

Personal Training in Encino | Personal Trainer in Encino

Good posture is something that women spend their whole lives trying to achieve. Along with looking more confident, good posture helps you avoid the aches and pains associated with slouching all day long. One of the best ways to improve your posture is through a simple workout routine. An easy way to do this is by using three exercises that target the muscles in your upper body: push-ups, triceps dips, and shoulder shrugs. These exercises are great for toning up those hard-to-reach muscles in your shoulders while working on those problem areas in your lower half!



Push-ups are a great exercise for those with joint pain. They can be performed on any surface, and the closer you keep your hands to your chest (without your elbows crossing), the more complex and effective they will be. You should always make sure that you’re pushing up from your heels and not your toes, as this can lead to knee problems. For example, push-ups can also be done as part of a circuit training workout, alternating between push-ups and crunches. This is a great way to add variation to an otherwise boring workout!


Triceps Dips

Triceps dips are an essential exercise for tone up those triceps muscles in your upper arm. This exercise is easy to do and can be done on any flat surface. If you’re new to triceps dips, it might help to put a cushion underneath your bottom or even use the seat of a sturdy chair for extra support.

Tricep dips are great because they work all three muscles in your upper arm at once! Make sure that you go down as low as possible without lifting yourself up with your hands so that those hard-to-reach muscles get worked out too. Try doing about 15 reps, taking 30 seconds rest between each rep if needed.


The final exercise is shoulder shrugs—a really simple way of strengthening those deep back muscles which will help improve posture by helping to lift your chest up high (and give off that leaner waistline look!). Shoulder shrugs can be done in many different ways:

– Standing up straight, feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees slightly (if needed). Then lift your shoulders towards your ears and hold for a few seconds before releasing down slowly – try to keep the movement slow and controlled throughout this exercise as it will help toning those muscles! Repeat 15 times.

– Sitting on the edge of a chair or sofa armrest so that your legs are bent underneath you at 90 degrees. Keeping your chest high and back flat against the seat, use one hand to pull the other shoulder blade up toward your earlobe while keeping both arms straight. Hold for five seconds then release—repeat this about 15 times using both arms.

– For a more advanced version, try using both hands to pull one shoulder blade up toward your ear at the same time. Again make sure that you keep your body still and back flat throughout this exercise—the movement should come from your shoulders! Repeat about 15 times on each side (if possible).


These three exercises will help strengthen those often neglected upper body muscles, which can lead to better posture and an improved appearance when fitting into fitted clothes. They are also great for toning up problem areas in women’s lower halves too, so if you’re looking for a workout routine that targets all of these areas, then give these exercises a go! Good luck, ladies 😉

Personal Training Near Me

Personal Training Near Me

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