Treadmill Is Trending! But what’s the Catch?

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Some say treadmill is for starters, while others say it’s for challengers – those who seek for more than what the streets have to offer. Now, let’s set things straight and see the pros and cons of both! Shall we?


Pro #1: joint-friendly!While streets made with asphalt and cement are rock solid, the treadmill’s smooth, cushioned belt is more friendly to your feet (and shoes!). Since treadmills are built especially for our naturally (hate to admit it, but it’s kinda true) frail, human body, these are somehow more gentle, if not softer, for your joints. The belts reduce some of the negative impact to your body.


 Pro #2: recovery-friendly!I hate to admit it, but sometimes, too much passion can lead to injury. ☹ Don’t worry, though! It only means you’re committed to giving your best.
For those who came back from an injury, the best way to get back on track is by taking it slow. Running on a treadmill and jogging outdoors alternately a few times a week can help your joints and bones adjust again.


Pro #3: simulation-friendly!As most of you know, you can set the course, distance, and speed in advanced treadmills. Starters can begin with the basics, while you gradually pace yourself to a heavier course. You can even use this to practice for competition, races, and marathons! Did you know that some treadmills have features that let you experience a work out as if you’re climbing a certain train or terrain? Minus the weather and spooky creatures! As someone who lives in California’s varying weather forecast, I’ve always enjoyed such treadmill actions, while customizing personal training in Sherman Oaks for my friends and loved ones.


Con #1: over-familiarity. With too much time on the treadmill and none on the actual streets, you might lose your agility. While jogging along the streets feels flat to you, it still isn’t. It curves, goes up, and then down. The changing surfaces are recommended for improving your body’s balance, coordination, and alertness.


Con #2: Self-dependency. As they say, no man is an island. You can train all by yourself, but until when can you commit? If you’ve been following my newsletters lately, one of my recommendations in maintaining a healthy work(out)-life balance is having an accountability partner or by finding someone train you. If you’re not sure how to get started, getting personal training in Sherman Oaks will help you jumpstart your fitness journey.

Treadmill “down the road”, shall we?

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