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The Weight Loss Benefits of Resistance Bands

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Resistance bands are weight resistance exercise devices that you can use to do weight training exercises of varying intensity. They come in many different sizes and strengths so that you can find the perfect one for your weight lifting needs. The most common type of resistance band is made from durable latex rubber or silicone, which makes them ideal for all kinds of workouts, including beginners looking to start an at-home weightlifting program.

Resistance bands come in a wide variety of colors and materials, meaning they’re straightforward to customize for any individual need. You also have the option to buy multiple sets and mix up your workout routine by alternating between various levels of difficulty (lightweight/medium weight/heavyweight) throughout the week. This allows you to incorporate weight training into your weight loss program in a fun and exciting way!


How weight resistance bands can be used to do weight training exercises


One thing that weight resistance bands can be used for is weight training. They are a versatile and inexpensive way to weight train, and they are great for anyone who needs to travel or doesn’t have much storage space. Resistance bands allow the weight to be on the band instead of your hands, so you get more diversity in weight distribution. For example, if you’re doing bicep curls with two different weight weights, it’s really easy to do them one after the other without taking up too much time because the weight stays on the band. Now let’s see ten exercises you can do with weight resistance bands!


Note: Stand at arm’s length away from a sturdy object or surface (like a weight rack) and hold both ends of the weight resistance band in your hands.


#1) Band squats 

Crouch down to where your arms are extended as far as possible, and then use your legs to stand back up.

#2 ) Shoulder shrugs 

Shrug up your shoulders as high as you can, then lower them back to their original position.

#3) Chest Press 

Bring your hands together in front of your chest to make an “O” shape with your arms and body, then stretch outwards as far as you can.

#4) Tricep extensions 

Bring your hands behind your back so that the weight resistance band is in between them, then push outwards with your arms as far as possible to extend them.

#5) Bicep curls 

Bring your elbows together in front of your body, then spread them outwards until they’re as far from one another as possible.

#6) Knee lifts 

Lifting up one leg, bend it at a 90° angle so that your knee is close to your chest. Lift the weight of the leg with its corresponding arm. Repeat the exercise with your other leg.

#7) Preset curls 

Bring your arms towards one another until they’re touching, then push them outwards as far as possible before returning them to their original position.

#8) Reverse crunches 

Bend over so that your arms are parallel with the floor, then bring them back up until they’re as close

#9) Leg extensions 

Extend one leg as far outwards as possible while keeping it straight, then return it to its original position. Repeat the exercise with your other leg.

#10) Back extensions 

While bending your knees, bring them towards one another until they make contact with each other, then return to their original position.


The benefits of weight resistance band workouts


One of the best benefits weight resistance bands offer is portability because they’re relatively lightweight. Resistance bands also allow for more versatility of weight distribution since you can move your hands up and down to focus on muscle groups. This is great for people who need to travel light, although it’s an even better alternative for those who don’t have enough space to store weight equipment in their home or office. Not only can weight resistance bands be used for weight training, but they’re also effective in improving flexibility. Since weight resistance bands can be stretched and adjusted to the weight of your choice, you can stretch out your muscles quickly. This is especially helpful before practicing a sport or engaging in another physical activity because it prepares you.

The best way to learn weight resistance band exercises is to go to the weight section of your local department store or gym and talk to an expert. Finding out which weight resistance bands you’ll need for these exercises can help you get started with a weight training program that will give you incredible results in no time!

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