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Thanksgiving Workouts Stay Active While Enjoying Your Holiday Dishes

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It’s that time of year again when we all gather with our families to celebrate Thanksgiving. For many people, this holiday is a great opportunity to enjoy the company of loved ones and indulge in some delicious food. However, it can be hard to maintain healthy habits when surrounded by tempting dishes! Here are some workouts that will help you stay active while enjoying your favorite Thanksgiving dishes.


Running can be a great way to get in shape for Thanksgiving! The Turkey Trot includes a race that starts with dozens of people all running together in the crisp morning air before splitting apart into different races for various age groups. This makes it easy to get distracted by chatting with other runners and forget about how far you’ve run. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of crossing the finish line after running your best time ever.

Hill Sprints

This is another great Thanksgiving workout that will help you burn calories fast while having fun at the same time. The key to this exercise is speed- so find a long hill or steep hill and sprint as fast as you can up it. You’ll feel your heart beating hard after this intense exercise, but the cardiovascular benefits of running uphill will help strengthen your lungs!


For those of us who aren’t runners or hill-enthusiasts, swimming is a great winter sport to try! The exercise itself isn’t much different from other forms of cardio except for the fact that it’s done in a pool. This is great because the water provides natural resistance for your arms and legs, making it easier to strengthen muscles or burn calories.


If you’re not into running, sprinting, or swimming but want to stay active on Thanksgiving- try playing volleyball! This sport can be played with almost any number of people, so it’s easy to get everyone involved in the festivities. It also gives your heart a good workout with all that jumping around.


If you want to stay active on Thanksgiving and enjoy family time at the same time, consider rowing! Rowing machines provide a great cardiovascular workout that will get your heart pumping. They also help strengthen muscles in your arms and legs while giving you a good all-over body workout. With so many benefits packed into one machine, it’s easy to see why rowing is a great Thanksgiving workout.


For those of you who are more competitive, consider playing a game of basketball on Thanksgiving! Whether you play in your driveway with the whole family or join friends at a local court, this sport will keep your heart rate up and give you an excuse to get out of the house. It’s a fun way to stay active while catching up with loved ones at Thanksgiving dinner!


These are just a few of our favorite Thanksgiving workouts that will keep you healthy and happy during your holiday feasting. If all else fails, consider trying some brisk walks around the neighborhood or doing simple exercises in your living room- there is no excuse to sit around and watch TV when you could be out there enjoying nature!

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