Social Butterflies, Flex with Your Friends through Group Training!

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Personal Training Near Me

Personal Training in Sherman Oaks | Personal Trainer in Sherman Oaks

  Pursuing a healthy lifestyle sounds easy – jogging, running, exercising. Simply allotting a portion of your time every day seems doable. Or that’s why you expect. However, if you’re really pushing for a fit life, you know running lapses isn’t enough. You need professional personal training, a dedicated instructor, and probably a few hundred dollars. And if you’re a social butterfly, you know that you’re more productive when you’re surrounded with people. The struggle is real, isn’t it? I have a solution for you! Why not join a group personal training in Encino?   What are the perks of group training to start with? Training with a group increases your motivation as you see your co-trainees improve. Of course, you’d want to be at par with them no matter how much or less experience you have in the fitness lifestyle. What’s better is that you get to share with several people about the challenges or learning curves you face. By hearing each other, you learn techniques that you won’t get if you’re training solo.   While you share your time and resources with co-trainees, your coach (well, that’s me!) is still as dedicated to your group as he is to a solo trainee. The mark of a true professional trainer isn’t someone who synchronizes everyone for the sake of doing it; he’s someone who corrects every single move along the way, no matter how long or short the adjustment may take.   You share the cost with your co-trainees. Since you’re training with a group, the services fees are more affordable that solo personal training. This is most helpful to fresh graduates or millennials who are balancing their expenses while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   Being a social butterfly, connections matter! Who knows? The person next to you might be the next big business icon in the market. No one can really tell. So while you have time, energy, and resources, give it a try!   There are a lot of options out there, but if you’re within San Fernando Valley, go for my personal training in Encino. My experience spans for 12 years and I’ve been featured Seventeen Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, and Livestrong.com. Drop me a mail at jaythetrainer09@gmail.com or call me at (818)299-2477.

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