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Personal Training in Sherman Oaks | Jay McLeod


The battle against sedentary living is a lot easier when you have the right tools. Dedicate one hour on your schedule to train with an expert coach, a personal trainer who will show you the basics of boxing to help improve strength, endurance, and agility while giving you a total body workout. These boxing workouts change your body in incredible ways. Boxers work on their arms, shoulders, back, abs, and legs to give themselves a well-conditioned body. Boxing is challenging and fun for everyone!

Personal Training in Sherman Oaks | Jay McLeod


You can work out from the comfort of your own home with In-Home Training and achieve results in a shorter period, anywhere from Sherman Oaks, California. Whether you have dumbells, fitness balls, or even a full gym setup at home, as your personal trainer, he understands what's available to you and designs workouts that are tailored specifically for your needs because we all know how important it is; these days to be healthy!

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With no long drives to contend with, it'll already be waiting when you get home! The best part is that after each session, there are personalized feedbacks as needed and guidance from him every step of the way until we reach our desired goals. It's simple: his 12-week online personal training program is without question the simplest and most effective way of getting professional customized workouts from him right at home. Save a lot of time and hassle with this online training that has you covered from the moment it starts. You'll have access to an exercise library providing personalized workouts, consultations via Skype or over the phone for any questions about how each routine should be done, plus email support when we go through these exercises step by step together!


Training with Jay has been one of the biggest highlights of my 2020 experience. Jay has been with me through so many changes like when I went to visit family last spring and was worried about losing all the progress I had made. He offered online training I was still able to get a great workout in. His creativity is incredibly impressive, we were able to make use of what random objects we found in the family’s garage and it was both hilarious and amazingly effective! I never did a same workout the entire I was training with him, so every day it was exciting to see how far I could push my own limits. I highly recommend bringing a pen and notebook to notate what you do every workout with him, so you can practice later and because Jay is such a fountain of knowledge  He listened carefully to how I was feeling at the start of the workout to assess how our last workout went just to make sure that I was getting the most effective workout possible. He held me accountable whenever I was tempted or completely fell off my fitness plan and always inspired me back to confidence and drive. I came to him at 4’10 and nearly 150 lbs and now at a lean strong 125lbs. Thank you, Jay, for being a part of my journey in health and wellness, you are an incredibly warm and beautiful soul. I still continue to follow your advice and have been feeling so amazing!

Sherman Oaks, CA

Susan Murphy

I found Jay 2 years ago when I was looking to feel better both emotionally and physically. I also wanted to give boxing a try. When I searched for a trainer, I found Jay. I knew that he was for me since he was actually smiling in his pictures. I called and set up our first few sessions. From session #1, I knew I had found my forever trainer. In the past two years, I have transformed for the better both physically and emotionally. Jay customizes an eating plan, training plan and a life plan for you. He is much more than a trainer, he is a life coach. I train two to three days a week. Every time I train, I feel like a million bucks. He makes it fun but he also challenges you in a positive way. I have learned how to box which I never thought I would be able to do. He is a total pro as a trainer and just a super wonderful person. I am also a very busy woman in the film industry and he works with me and my schedule to make my fitness goals achievable. If you are looking for a trainer, look no further. Jay is the absolute BEST!!

Sherman Oaks, CA

A Suarez

Jay is the real deal. He is thoughtful, caring and tough, all in the right measure. Unlike other trainers who you never hear from until you get to your session, Jay is constantly checking in making sure you are working towards your goals. I've worked with a few trainers and Jay is simply the best. He cares about his clients and their success.

Sherman Oaks, CA

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Who says you can't exercise with a busy schedule? With the help of a personal trainer, He helped clients all over from Sherman Oaks, California get to know their goals and what type of workout is best for them. Personal Training is perfect for busy moms who don't have much time on their hands but still want to stay fit; athletes that need motivation, or competitive fighters looking to get stronger faster- no matter what level anyone's skill starts. He wants all his clients to be successful but knows not every person starts at the same level - which means some people will need more attention than others. But it doesn't matter how much knowledge someone comes into their session with; they start there and challenge themselves until they can attain their goals.


His great personality makes every workout fun and rewarding. His knowledge of human potential is used to maximize each client's strengths while working on the weaknesses. With these two things, it becomes straightforward to increase your confidence and break through any plateaus you may have reached with other personal trainers who were not as experienced or knowledgeable about people like yourself! The best part of this all is how affordable personal training with him can be.


Indeed, personal training with him provides weight loss and body transformation, and a wide range of other benefits. He can help you shed pounds and wean off debilitating eating habits with his personal training program that includes a wide range of benefits, such as reducing stress levels and increasing energy levels. His services also provide health advantages, including convenience without worrying about what's for dinner tonight! You can have a personal trainer at home, saving you time and money. Choose from many different plans to find the one that works best for you - Anti-Inflammatory, Keto Vegan, Gluten-Free/Lactose-free Pescatarian, and more!


He is the most experienced personal trainer in town, and he knows how to get his clients motivated. He designs workouts that are different every day, from obstacle courses and kickboxing to circuit training and plyometrics; no matter the workout routine, he helps his clients achieve their goals with the support they need along the way.


Feeling like you don't have time to exercise anymore? Personal training might be the answer. He works on your health, fitness, and nutrition goals all in one session- so there's no need for any more excuses! Time is precious these days with our demanding careers, family commitments, and busy social lives meaning that personal trainers are an invaluable resource for staying fit despite a lack of free time or motivation. He covers cardiorespiratory endurance, core strength balance flexibility, and dietary needs, too, which means you can achieve maximum results without having to carve out hours from each day.

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Yes, he’s partnered with Arbonne and believes in these products because they are plant-based, vegan, cruelty and gluten-free. The 30 Days To Healthy Living is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism! Personal training can help you achieve any fitness goals, whether it be weight loss or muscle building. A personal trainer will always stay up on the latest trends so that you don’t have to worry about going out of style when achieving your goal!

He offers a range of personalized training services depending on the client’s needs – from weight loss to sports performance. He believes in meeting your objectives and can work out with you at home or in their local park, where there are no contracts; personal training sessions are available at your convenience anywhere at Sherman Oaks.

He offers 60 minutes of one-on-one personal training services tailored to your needs and any specific goals you may have. He is the personal trainer for those looking for individual attention in a fitness setting!

Yes, he offers personal training sessions for all levels of fitness. He also provides private online training that is available for travel or vacations and can be done from the comfort of your own home! Sessions are conducted via zoom with a live trainer in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts.

No, he has all the equipment you need for effective and fun workouts. He has everything from dumbbells and resistance bands to exercise benches so that no matter what type of movement or fitness goal you’re after, he can help guide you in reaching it. Personal training is a great way to get feedback on your form, an important aspect of any workout.

He shows up mask on, equipment sanitized, and maintains proper distance during instruction. We will also wear gear that assists in maintaining a proper distance from each other during my personal training session with you.

The Personal Trainer Who Pushes You Like No Other; Sherman Oaks, California

There are numerous workouts, but it can be challenging to find one that suits your needs. Not everyone has the same approach to weight loss.

If you are in the Sherman Oaks area and are looking for a personal trainer, look no further than Jay McLeod. He specializes in training with 12 years of experience and is certified ACE (American Council on Exercise), the AAAI (American Aerobic Association International), and Twist Sport Performance.

He is a true visionary who’s able to motivate you like no other trainer. He can find the strength that you didn’t know existed and will push your body further than it ever thought possible, all while completely understanding how valuable time is. He works with everyone from busy moms to competitive fighters, celebrities – even triathletes. For you to get the most out of your fitness routine, His work programs encompass all aspects from cardiorespiratory health and core strength, endurance for flexibility, and nutrition.

He has been training for many years at Sherman Oaks, CA, and knows that a good workout is more than just putting on your sneakers. His custom programs are tailored to each person to meet you in whatever place you’re at right now – whether you can barely walk or still trying to lose weight. He celebrates even small victories because he wants his clients to achieve their goals and enjoy themselves along the way.

Planning new workouts can help you mentally and physically. He offers nutritional coaching to teach people how to be more conscious of their food decisions because the fuel we take in is what gets us through our workouts–without it, there’s no way for that mental or physical progression!

Whether you are in Sherman Oaks, California, or other service areas from Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and Burbank-he uniquely offers from in-home to online workout personal training. He will come to your house and custom-design an exercise regimen that fits into your lifestyle, whether or not you have access to equipment. For example, he can design boxing workouts if you own a heavy bag but don’t want the hassle of transporting it back and forth from home; circuit training with just weights for someone who doesn’t like running on treadmills; plyometrics as well!

The first step in getting fit starts with him, who will teach you everything about what makes working out great: the different types of exercises available, how often they should be done each week/month etc., tips on foods that are good for general health and specific workout routines. And best of all, he comes straight to where you live- no more trekking from work through traffic, make one quick phone call instead.

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