New Year’s Resolutions Are Superficial

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Instead, aim for lifestyle changes that you can live out for the entire decade. . After feasting on sumptuous platters during the holiday festivities, you probably gained a few extra pounds, which you wish to get rid of this January, right? Now, here comes your list of resolutions that gets abandoned even before the first quarter comes to an end – weekly routines, weights, and a couple of jogs early in the morning. You may find it overwhelming especially when other responsibilities start chasing you. . Did you know that cramming fitness isn’t the right track to a healthy lifestyle? But if you limit your resistance training to 45-60 minutes, drink more water, go forward on an empty stomach, and use more dumbbells than bodyweight exercises and machines, you won’t overdo yourself. Check out this video for more details: . . What are you waiting for? Forget your resolutions and aim for a decade of lifestyle changes. . Here’s a bonus: Jay offers personal training in Encino, so get in touch if you’re within the area. Start the decade fit and healthy! Happy New Year!

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