There are numerous workouts out there, but it can be challenging to find one that suits your needs. Not everyone has the same approach to weight loss.

If you are in the Sherman Oaks area and are looking for a personal trainer, look no further than Jay McLeod. Jay specializes in training with 12 years of experience and is certified ACE (American Council on Exercise) and both the AAAI (American Aerobic Association International) and Twist Sport Performance.

Jay is a true visionary who’s able to motivate you like no other trainer. He can find the strength that you didn’t know existed and will push your body further than it ever thought possible, all while completely understanding how valuable time is. Jay works with everyone from busy moms to competitive fighters, celebrities – even triathletes. For you to get the most out of your fitness routine, Jay’s work programs encompass all aspects from cardio respiratory health and core strength, endurance for flexibility, and nutrition.

Jay has been training for many years and knows that a good workout is more than just putting on your sneakers. Jay’s custom programs are tailored to each individual person to meet you in whatever place you’re at right now – whether it be barely able to walk or still trying to lose weight. He celebrates even small victories because he wants his clients to achieve their goals and enjoy themselves along the way.

Planning new workouts can help you mentally and physically. Jay offers nutritional coaching to teach people how to be more conscious of their food decisions because the fuel we take in is what gets us through our workouts–without it, there’s no way for that mental or physical progression!

Jay offers a unique service to those in Sherman Oaks – personal fitness training. He will come to your house and custom-design an exercise regimen that fits into your lifestyle, whether or not you have access to equipment. For example, he can design boxing workouts if you own a heavy bag but don’t want the hassle of transporting it back and forth from home; circuit training with just weights for someone who doesn’t like running on treadmills; plyometrics as well!

Jay is always up for coming over at any time during the day (or night) so long as it’s convenient for him too. His goal is simple: help people feel better about themselves inside & out by staying active. Jay also offers personalized email support.

Jay is ready and waiting to help you achieve your fitness goals, so call him today. He can come right to your front door—no need for a long commute or expensive gym membership!

The first step in getting fit starts with Jay, who will teach you everything about what makes working out great: the different types of exercises available, how often they should be done each week/month etc., tips on foods that are good for general health and specific workout routines. And best of all, he comes straight to where you live- no more trekking from work through traffic, just make one quick phone call instead.

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