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Muay Thai: A Perfect Workout For You

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Many of us are living busy lives. Between work, kids, and a house to run, it’s not always easy to find exercise time. But there is one type that has been proven to be effortless yet effective: Muay Thai. This ancient sport will get you ripped while being fun and purposeful at the same time!


Muay Thai is an intense form of kickboxing that originated in Thailand centuries ago. It incorporates various strikes such as punches, kicks, elbows, and knees – all aimed at your opponent’s body – with the goal of causing pain or rendering them unconscious by targeting their head or knocking them out with a strike to the jaw so they can’t breathe. What many people don’t know about Muay Thai is how it is a full-body workout.


Jay, a personal trainer for women in California and an expert Muay Thai instructor, trains professional, mother, and busy people to defend themselves with the Art of Eight Limbs. Train like a fighter for muscular endurance and power. This high-intensity workout is great for people who are looking for a fast-paced sweat-producing workout.

One of the best benefits about Muay Thai is that it’s a full body workout. Your legs, arms and core are all utilized in this intense sport and you will notice changes to your entire physique after just one session! If you’re looking for an effective yet fun way to get in shape, Muay Thai is the perfect fit.

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