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Personal Training Near Me

Personal Training in Sherman Oaks | Personal Trainer in Sherman Oaks

If there’s one thing good about media this 21st century, it has shaped women to be more decisive, strong, and independent. Different personalities have inspired women to be more self-reliant and competitive.   One of the ways you, as a woman, can improve yourself is having your own dedicated personal trainer who motivates and trains you with the proper fitness tips.   Where can you get a friend, therapist, motivator, and trainer all rolled into one? According to Cameron, a fitness client for over two years, you can book a personal training in Sherman Oaks that makes these possible for you.   Jay has been a professional women’s fitness trainer for 12 years who has been featured in known publications like Seventeen Magazine. According to some of his clients – Kayla, Tina, Claire, Ana, and Cameron, Jay possesses the top qualities of an inspiring personal trainer. Based on the ladies’ reviews, Jay is hands-on, intentional, tough but fun, motivating, knowledgeable, diet-conscious, and interactive.   As a hands-on trainer, Jay consistently checks on you to ensure you are working towards your goals. He trains you to live up to your true potential. More than being a fitness coach, he genuinely cares about your success. He intentionality brings out the best in you. He shapes your mindset that health and fitness can be a regular part of your life despite the busy schedule.   With Jay, it’s true when they say “the going gets tough,” because he makes it literally tough, but fun! As a personal trainer in Sherman Oaks, his disciplined approach combined with his great sense of humor makes you look forward to the next training. Undoubtedly, he knows by heart how to keep his trainees motivated.   Being knowledgeable in fitness, Jay keeps it real with you by telling you exactly what you need to know. He can pinpoint the exact work out for each body type. Every training may also come with a diet plan, especially if you are keen to lose weight. More than creating strategies, he educates you on how to make healthier food choices when the time comes that you can be on your own.   With Jay, every training is different as his plans are comprehensive and effective. Such perks can only be achieved through a personal trainer who put value on his trainees more than anything else.

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