Low-Carb Drinks for Summer and All Year Round

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Most people say they give in to sweets, and that’s when their diet starts going down! While others find it hard to resist, there are these wiser Californians (wink, wink) who get personal training in Sherman Oaks to help them with their diet plan. Are you one of them?

Anyway, desserts aren’t the first to blame after all. Can you guess what it is, then? Yourself? Well, could be. But it is alcoholic beverages! Yup, that’s right! It’s easy to refuse temptations, aka “sweets” when someone offers you a bar or two during a meal. You just respectfully say, “Thank you, but I’m on a diet.” The other person will honor that.

However, when at a party and someone hands you a cocktail, a bottle of beer, or a shot of tequila, saying “no” makes you the talk of the town! You can’t even say you’re on a diet, because that’s all the more they’ll doubt you. Have you ever thought of a plan to nail the drinking game? I’ll tell you! Keep a handy list of low-carb drinks, and you’ll never have to turn down a drink ever. Maybe these low-carb drinks will help you decide:

Craft Beer:Bud Select 55

When you’re trying to lose weight, but beer keeps getting in the way – worry no more!  Did you know that Bud Select 55 only has 1.8 grams of carbs? You can still enjoy that ice, cold taste of beer without compromising your diet.

Diet Cranberry Juice Cocktail

If you’re looking for a fancier drink in a glass, the Diet Cranberry Juice Cocktail gives you that refreshing, fruity drink with a subtle hint of alcohol. What’s even better is that it only contains 0.2 grams of carbs!


They say when you’ve got a chance, take a shot! True enough, Tequila shots have always been the party favorite, It’s not a party without a shot! Thankfully, it contains 0g of carbs! Guiltless partying all the way, but remembering to keep your limit.

Gin and Diet Tonic

What’s light, refreshing, and classy? Gin and Tonic – always the go-to option for basic cocktails when you’re just out there for casual drinks. For added zest, squeeze in a slice of lime!


Whether you’re dining out on a Friday night or choosing to chill with a drink at home, a flute of Champagne never disappoints. Anyway, 2 grams of carbs won’t hurt as long as you keep an eye on your intake.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Cranberry juice, triple sec, freshly squeezed lime, and vodka make up the Cosmopolitan Cocktail – your low-carb alternative to fancy cocktails out there. Since I suppose you won’t be drinking a lot, every 5 oz. has about 2 grams of carbs, which ain’t bad for a flavorful option!

As they say, drinking isn’t bad; excessive drinking is. Always know your limit, and never go beyond. While you work hard and party harder, remember to care for your health the hardest! ☺

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