Jogging: Increase Your Stamina | Personal Training in Beverly Hills

Jogging: How to Increase Your Stamina for a Faster, Longer Run

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Jogging is a great form of exercise. It can help you lose weight, raise your heart rate, and get in shape! But if you’re not careful, it can quickly turn from a healthy habit into a health hazard. To avoid that from happening, here are some tips for improving your jogging stamina!

1) Drink plenty of water before jogging to stay hydrated. 

-Drinking water before exercise can help you perform better.

2) Set realistic goals so that your expectations aren’t too high or low- this will motivate you to keep going when the going gets tough.

-Setting goals that are too high or low can be discouraging and make you want to quit.

3) Keep track of how far you jog each day by running an app on your phone or writing down the mileage on paper (this way, you’ll know what distance to cover next time)!

-Tracking your progress can help you become more motivated to keep going.

4) Take a good run every day to give yourself a jump-start on your jogging goals.

-Taking a break from jogging once in a while will make you more motivated and excited about the next time!

5) Be patient- it takes time to build up your stamina and endurance.

-Being impatient will only make you more likely to quit when things get hard! 

6) When you feel like giving up, keep pushing yourself to go just a bit further!

-Giving up when things get tough will only make it harder the next time around. 

7) Use jogging as an excuse to meet up with friends or take a break from work for some quality time.

-Jogging can be fun when you’re doing it with others!

8) Don’t forget to stretch after a run- it will help prevent injuries and soreness.

-Stretching can feel really good, too!

9) If you find it difficult to make time for jogging, try waking up earlier or going to bed later.

-Jogging can be easier when your schedule is more flexible! 

10) Finally, don’t forget to listen to your body when it comes time for a break- overtraining can lead to a lot of problems!

-Easing up on yourself every now and then will help you stay in shape longer. 

As long as you are patient, have realistic goals, and keep pushing yourself just a bit further each day, then your stamina will improve in no time! Jogging is a great way to get in shape, but be careful! You don’t want it to turn into a health hazard. Follow these tips, and you’ll improve your jogging stamina in no time!

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