Get into Shape the HIIT Way | Personal Training in Burbank California

Get into Shape the HIIT Way

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What is a HIIT workout? A HIIT workout, or high-intensity interval training, is a form of exercise that alternates periods of intense activity with low-intensity recovery periods. This type of workout has been shown to be more effective than lower-intensity workouts in increasing the amount and quality of calories burned during and after your session.

What do I need to get started with HIIT workouts?

Many people assume that you need a high-tech gym and expensive equipment in order to participate in a workout like this, but the truth is, all you really need is your body weight! An example would be sprinting on flat ground for 30 seconds followed by walking slowly until your heart rate recovers enough so that you’re ready again (usually around 90 seconds), repeating this process five times before taking a two-minute break. This type of interval training will challenge both your aerobic capacity as well as speed endurance while simultaneously challenging your ability to handle lactic acid. You can also do these workouts with many types of equipment, such as an exercise bike or elliptical machine.

How often should I perform HIIT workouts?

Since you will be working at a very high intensity for short periods of time during your workout, it’s incredibly important that you allow enough rest between sessions so that your body has the opportunity to recover fully before beginning another one. When starting out, two days on and one day off is recommended, but once you become more accustomed to this type of training, three times per week may be just fine! Just remember: don’t overdo it by attempting long duration intervals with lower-intensity recovery periods because there are no benefits from doing this type of workout.

Benefits of HIIT workouts

  • HIIT workouts can be a great way to boost your fitness level, lose weight and get into the best shape of your life! Whether you’re already in good physical condition or just starting out, this type of training will help make sure that every workout counts towards achieving your goal: getting fit and feeling amazing!
  • HIIT workouts are great for both men and women regardless of age because they don’t require any special equipment other than what’s available at home; no need to join an overcrowded gym with expensive memberships if all you really want is to get started on a better path today!
  • There’s nothing like high-intensity interval training when it comes to improving cardiovascular function along with strength endurance while also helping speed over short distances without compromising the ability to support muscle mass. This is a great training method for both athletes and recreational fitness enthusiasts because it will get you into shape faster than any other type of workout!
  • HIIT workouts can be done on equipment such as an exercise bike, treadmill, or elliptical machine, but they can also be performed with just your own body weight, so there’s no need to spend unnecessary money if all you really want is efficient results in a shorter period of time: what could be better? The benefits associated with these types of exercises far outweigh those seen from lower-intensity forms of cardio, which makes this form of training perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight or improve their cardiovascular health while getting stronger too!
  • HIIT workouts are fantastic when it comes to increasing your body’s ability to handle lactic acid, which boosts your athletic performance when it matters most.


With so many benefits associated with this type of workout, why not give high-intensity interval training a try? You won’t be disappointed. Remember, HIIT workouts offer increased endurance and strength as well as an average calorie burn of 15 calories per minute! If it’s difficult for you to find time in your schedule to work out every day, HIIT routines are perfect because they take up so little time overall. A good way to get started is by adding one HIIT session into your weekly routine two or three days a week! For more information on how to start incorporating these types of workouts into your schedule, feel free to connect with Jay Mcleod and start a call.

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