Get HIIT This 2020!

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Six days into the decade, what have you got so far (apart from extra pounds, maybe)?

By this time, you probably have already listed your goals for the year. It may or may not include a trip to Europe, a grand birthday celebration, an alumni homecoming, a promotion coming up, or a new investment to keep your assets growing. The list goes on! To keep up with the demands of life, you must take care of yourself – eat healthy, rest enough, and stay fit.

While it may sound ironic for a busy person to get enough rest and stay fit while keeping up with the hustle and bustle, it IS possible! If that’s the case, High-Intensity Interval Training seems perfect for you. Also known as HIIT, this form of training only takes up 30 minutes or less of your time, while burning fats double time. How? As the name goes, high-intensity interval training boosts your metabolism and improves cardiovascular heart health & oxygen consumption through heavy workouts in a short span of time. Such force torches even visceral fats (those surrounding the organs) and continues to burn fats several hours after training. The sweat your body releases in 30 minutes is equivalent to longer exercises that are done in moderation. What’s great about this is that HIIT can be done anywhere, even in the comforts of your own home. For example, you can book a session for personal training in Sherman Oaks – minus the hassle of going to the gym! You save time, gas, and energy.

HIIT can be done at least once a week if you’re busy, but the more frequent you do it, the faster to get to your desired shape. Book your personal training in Sherman Oaks now and find out the perfect workout for you, at the comforts of your own home.

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