Finding Balance Cross-Lateral Exercises | Personal Training in Bel Air, CA

Finding Balance Cross-Lateral Exercises

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Have you ever felt like your body is not as flexible as it once was? Or maybe, when you are trying to do something simple, like reaching for an object on a high shelf or bending down to pick up the laundry off the floor, your balance feels off. The good news is that there are exercises that can help with this! Cross-lateral exercises are one way of getting back into shape and feeling comfortable in your own skin again. They’re also great because they require no equipment – just use chairs, benches, or even steps to get started!


Cross-lateral exercises are a type of exercise that helps train your body to move more easily between the different sides of your body; meaning movements will be smoother and more fluid. This is especially helpful if you feel like one side of your body isn’t as strong or flexible as it should be!


The best way to get started with cross-lateral exercises is to focus on balance. Try standing in front of a mirror, doing some simple movements from each side. If you’re feeling ambitious, try moving between different objects – maybe stand on one leg or move your arms as though they were wings!


Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the basic moves and positions, it’s time to move on to a chair. Sitting in a sturdy wooden or metal-backed chair, sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor and shoulder-width apart from each other. Lean forward slightly until you feel yourself start to fall – then catch yourself by leaning back into the seat of the chair! Repeat this movement for about five minutes at first, but as you get used to it and feel more comfortable, try doing this for longer. If the chair has armrests, push yourself up out of your seat with both arms at once.


Most people find that balancing on one foot is a tough challenge – so why not start off simple by standing beside a sturdy object like a bench or small table? Keeping your feet together, try to lean onto the object without letting it tip or move. If you need more of a challenge, do this on each leg!


These are just some simple exercises that help you get started with improving balance and keeping fit – once you’ve got used to these basic moves, though, why not add in something new? Maybe try some yoga or pilates?


By focusing on balance, you’ll get used to your body’s movements more easily. You can also begin to feel stronger and get back into shape! All it takes is a little practice every day.  If you want some guidance on how to start incorporating cross-lateral movements into your routine, contact Jay McLeod, The Professional Women’s Fitness Trainer, today.

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