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Defined Arms: 5 Ways to Work Your Arm Muscles

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Do you want to have defined arms? You may be thinking that it is easy, but in reality, there are many different ways to work your arm muscles. One of the most effective methods for getting those defined arms is with dumbbells because you can work out your biceps, triceps, and shoulders all at the same time. In this blog post, we will explore how to get those defined arms using only dumbbells!


1) Bicep Curls

First on our list is bicep curls. Many people think they can do this with one arm, but it takes some serious effort to get your muscles focused and working together! Make sure you are standing up straight while holding the dumbbells in each hand down by your side. Your palms should be facing your legs, and slowly lift the weights towards your shoulders. You will want to keep a slight bend in your elbow, but do not let them go past 90 degrees! If you have never done this before, it will be difficult to take things slow until you really get used to how this movement feels.


2) Chest Press

Next on our list is the chest press. You can do this with both arms at once, or you could use one arm to challenge yourself! Sit down on a flat bench and place your feet firmly on the ground for stability before grabbing hold of each dumbbell. Keep those palms facing each other as you slowly push them up towards the ceiling. You want to keep your arms at around 90 degrees to really feel the burn in your chest! Remember, do not let those dumbbells go too far, or you could seriously strain or even injure something, so take it slow until you get used to this movement.


3) Tricep Kickback

The tricep kickback is not an easy movement to master, but it can be done with dumbbells. You start this exercise by standing up straight and holding the weights down at your sides as you do in biceps curls. Then bend forward slightly before tilting those elbows back as far as they can go. Your arms should be fully extended when you are in this position and then slowly return to the starting point. You will want to focus on keeping your upper body still while moving just from the elbow joint so that your triceps get all of the work!


4) Overhead Press

The overhead press is another great exercise to challenge yourself with. You can do this one arm at a time or both together, depending on your preference and how you feel that day! Standing up straight, grab hold of each dumbbell before slowly lifting it above your head as high as you can manage without hurting anything. Once again, the palms should be facing each other when you are in this position. Then slowly return to the starting point before repeating!


5) Bent Over Row

The bent-over row is a great way to work out your back and biceps all at once! Start by standing up straight with feet about shoulder-width apart. Then bend forward slightly while grabbing hold of each dumbbell, making sure you have a comfortable grip on them before slowly pulling towards the body. You will want to keep your knees slightly bent and your back straight as you do this. Go until the weights are below your chest before slowly lowering them to where they started then repeat!

If you are looking to get those defined arms but want a little more than just your typical arm workout, then this blog post is for you! Let’s explore how to achieve the look of toned and sculpted muscles using only dumbbells. All it takes is some time in front of the mirror with these exercises. You will be surprised at what your body can do when not limited by machines or gyms. Give Jay Mcleod a call if you have any questions about our studio & classes that offer an alternative fitness experience – He would love to help change up your routine!

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