Fat Burning Tips for Cycling | Personal Training in Beverly Hills

12 Fat Burning Tips for Cycling

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Cycling is one of the best ways to get in shape. It’s low impact, so it won’t break your joints as running does. Plus, there are plenty of variations that can make exercise more enjoyable by adding variation and intensity. You don’t have to get bored with cycling either – there are so many different types of bicycles out there! 


Here are some tips for burning fat while cycling: 

  • Add intensity intervals into your ride by doing sprints or hills. 
  • Mix up your workout routine with spins on an indoor bike in addition to outdoor rides 
  • Alternate between sitting upright and leaning forward when riding a road bike to work different muscles
  • Be sure to stretch your legs after a ride biking works them out so intensely that you might feel tight and stiff afterward. 
  • Add weight training into your weekly workout routine for added muscle definition. 
  • Tights with padding will help protect the area around your sit bones from getting sore, which can happen when riding for long periods. 
  • Don’t forget about strengthening your core! Do crunches and planks while riding to get a stronger core.
  • Be sure to replace your tires when they start to wear down – this can help prevent injuries from accidents.  

If you want to know which type of cycling is right for you, here are some factors that might influence what kind of bicycle will work best: 

  • The type of riding you plan to do most often 
  • Your budget 
  • Comfort: Think about whether the seat will be comfortable for a long time and if any numbness in your hands would bother you on longer rides.
  • How much is storage space available at your home? If there’s no room, consider a folding bike.
  • How experienced are you? If you’re a beginner, consider getting your feet clipped into the pedals at first to avoid falling.

There are so many benefits of cycling. You’ll exercise muscles in both your upper and lower body while improving cardiovascular health. Plus, it’s fun! Add some variation to make biking more enjoyable by changing up intensity

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