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10 Most Effective Exercises for Double Chins

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You don’t need to resort to surgery, injections, or risky procedures in order to get rid of a double chin. There are plenty of at-home exercises that can help reduce the appearance of this bulge on your neck. Check out these ten most effective exercises for double chins so you can finally start looking great.

Exercise #01: Chin Lifts

This is the simplest and most basic exercise for reducing a double chin. Simply lift your chin up towards the ceiling, hold for five seconds, and release. Repeat this motion ten times.

Exercise #02: Resistance Band Jaw clenching

Secure a resistance band around your head and pull it tight. Clench your jaw muscles together as hard as you can for fifteen seconds. Relax and repeat three times.

Exercise #03: Tongue pushups

Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and keep it there while you do ten pushups. If this is too difficult at first, start by pressing your tongue against your teeth instead.

Exercise #04: Neck stretches

Sit or stand with your head tilted down and slowly move your chin towards your chest. Hold the stretch for fifteen seconds, then relax. Repeat five times.

Exercise #05: Scissor kicks

Lie on your back on the floor and place your hands behind your head. Bring one knee up to your chest and extend the other leg out straight. Switch legs and repeat ten times. This exercise is great for toning the abdominal muscles as well as reducing a double chin.

Exercise #06: Seated neck rotations

Sit with your spine straight and turn your head to the right, then to the left. Rotate as far as you can in each direction, repeating ten times.

Exercise #07: Upward dog pose

From a tabletop position on all fours, press your hips up towards the ceiling and lengthen your spine. Hold for thirty seconds, then release. Repeat two more times. This yoga pose is great for toning the abdominal muscles and reducing a double chin.

Exercise #08: Camel pose

From a standing position, place your hands on your lower back with your fingers pointing down. Arch your back and tilt your head back until you feel a stretch in your stomach muscles. Hold for thirty seconds, then release. Repeat two more times. This yoga pose is great for toning the abdominal muscles and reducing a double chin

Exercise #09: Wall pushups

Find an empty wall space that you can stand facing with your arms at shoulder height against the surface of the wall. Place one foot behind you so it’s between twelve to eighteen inches away from the wall, depending on how difficult this exercise will be for you initially (the farther back your foot is, the easier). Lean forward until both hands are pressed firmly into the wall without moving them while contracting your abs to keep yourself steady throughout this movement. Slowly bend each elbow as if trying to bring them closer together in front of you. Keep your back and abdominal muscles engaged the entire time, and hold for five seconds before slowly pushing yourself back to the starting position. Repeat eight times.

Exercise #010: Double chin exercises with a partner

A great way to make these exercises more challenging (and fun!) is by doing them with a partner. Have your partner place his or her hands around your neck while you do the listed exercises. This will help provide resistance and make the movements more difficult. Be sure to rest when needed, and switch positions with your partner often so that both of you get a chance to do each exercise.


Doing some or all of these exercises on a regular basis can help reduce the appearance of a double chin, helping you to look and feel better. Let us know how these exercises worked for you!

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