10 Benefits of Pilates for Runners | Personal Training in Burbank California

10 Benefits of Pilates for Runners

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Pilates is one of the most efficient workouts for runners. It builds strength, flexibility, and balance–all without any impact on your joints! Runners are constantly in motion, which can make it difficult to find time to attend a fitness class or workout at the gym. But with this routine, you’ll be able to reap all these benefits from anywhere!

Pilates strengthens your core muscles

Your abdominal and back muscles play a key role in maintaining good posture and running form. A strong core will help keep you upright and prevent any excessive movement that can lead to injuries.

Pilates improves flexibility

Pilates is a great way to increase your flexibility, especially in the hips and hamstrings. Increased flexibility can help you maintain proper form when running and prevent injuries.

Pilates promotes better balance

Pilates helps improve balance by strengthening your core muscles and improving coordination. This is especially important for runners, as poor balance can lead to injuries and falls.

Pilates helps prevent shin splints

Shin splints are a common running injury that occurs when the muscles and tendons of your shins get inflamed or irritated due to repetitive impact on your feet, like during long runs. The best way to avoid this is by strengthening and stretching your muscles and tendons. Pilates will help you achieve both of these things!

Pilates helps prevent hip injuries

Hip pain is another common running injury that can be caused by weak or tight hips, which makes it difficult to maintain good form when running distances longer than a mile. The hip muscles and tendons are especially important to stretch during a workout routine like Pilates.

Pilates helps prevent runner’s knee

Runner’s knee is the inflammation of the kneecap due to weak quadriceps, which can also result from the poor form when running long distances. Strengthening your quads is a key part of preventing the runner’s knee.

Pilates helps improve your running speed

Pilates is a great way to increase your running speed because it builds strength and increases your flexibility. When you’re able to move more efficiently, you’ll be able to run faster with less effort.

Pilates helps improve your endurance

Pilates is a great way to improve your endurance because it’s a low-impact workout that challenges your entire body. This means you’ll be able to run further and longer without feeling tired or exhausted.

Pilates is a great cross-training workout for runners

Pilates is an excellent cross-training workout for runners because it strengthens your entire body, improves your balance and coordination, and increases your flexibility. Cross-training helps prevent overtraining and can even prevent injuries.

Pilates is an excellent workout routine to do at home!

Pilates workouts are perfect for runners that don’t have access to a gym or fitness studio because the exercises only require your body weight. They’re also easy-to-follow routines you can do at home with minimal equipment.


So, there you have it! Ten excellent benefits of Pilates for runners. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, adding Pilates to your workout routine is a great way to improve your running form and prevent injuries. Give it a try today!

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