Studio City, California
Studio City, California

Personal Training in Studio City, California The Professional Women’s Fitness Trainer in Studio City, California

If you are looking for an energetic, encouraging personal trainer in Studio City, California; look no further than Jay McLeod.  Jay has over 12 years of experience and is certified ACE, AAAI, and Twist sports performance.

Jay’s contagious, high energy personality helps to motivate you as no other personal trainer can.  He can make you dig deep and train harder when you would rather be doing anything but working out.  Jay works with everyone from busy moms to triathletes and competitive fighters to celebrities and understands that time is a valuable commodity.  With that in mind, Jay’s work programs encompass all aspects of fitness together; from cardiorespiratory to core strength and endurance to balance, flexibility, and nutrition.

Train with Jay offers a variety of programs.  You can train in the Studio City gym or from the comfort of your home.  The programs he offers are customized to your fitness level and the goals that you want to achieve.  He wants to see you meet your weight loss and endurance goals and celebrates each small victory with you.  Jay also offers diversity in his workout programs.  He does this because he knows that if working out becomes stagnant, it takes the fun out of working out, and many times you lose your interest in it and won’t follow through.  Changing up your workout routine also helps the progress you make both mentally and physically.  Jay also offers nutritional coaching.  He wants you to be able to evaluate your current eating habits and teach you how to make conscious food decisions; because the food you take in is the fuel, you use when you workout.

Jay offers one on one personal training his gym in Studio City.  If you and a friend want to do a training program together, you can.  Jay offers semi-private or partner training with up to three people max.  At the gym, you can also do programs such as boxing, Muy Thai, or a 30-minute program three times a week.  If you don’t feel comfortable training at the gym, Jay offers at home programs as well.  If you choose to have Jay come to your home, he will set up a custom program for you; wither, you have a large variety of workout equipment or just a few.  You can also do an online training program, that Jay customs with your fitness level and goals in mind.  You can receive your custom program to either your phone or computer and have access to a video exercise library; which ensures you are doing your workouts properly.  He also offers one on one email support.

Come in and check out our gym in Studio City and let us show you how much fun working out can be.  We would love to hear from you!

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