How Ab(s)out Your Muscles?

From last week’s blog, you learned how to tone one of the most enticing muscle parts – the rectus abdominis, better known as your six-pack abs. Congratulations!

How about getting that perfect V-shape you’ve always wanted? It’s easy – learn to isolate the muscles in your midsection. Now get your mat and follow these to stretch your external obliques, giving you the desired shape in your waist.

Start with your six-pack abs:

-> Lean back

-> Bring your feet up

-> Keep elbows up


Followed by your external obliques:

-> Position sideward

-> Put one foot on top of the other

-> Straighten your body

-> Rest your weight on your forearm and feet


Watch this demo for better understanding:

For both exercises, the main point is to blow out as much air as you can to tighten up your core. To make this exercise a daily habit, getting a personal trainer in Studio City is the best option. You can ensure that every muscle strand stretch is worth the pain.

Remember, give yourself more love this love month! You’re doing a great job!